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Promoted by CEPES Andalucía and the Andalusian Federationof Associated Work Cooperative Companies, FAECTA, Innoves Foundation consolidated from 2006 as the cornerstone to provide answers to innovation necessities and business development demanded by the whole Andalusian Social Economy, becoming a fundamental referent of entrepreneurial and innovative culture implementation.
Innoves Foundation, from its headquarters in the Andalusian Technology Park in Málaga, leads the development and implementation of Innovation, Cooperation and Internationalization projects -at regional, national and international levels- playing a key role as change agent and promoter of opportunities.
Andalusia depends on its own productive capacities to move forward, even more in this moments of economic crisis when it should commit to a new and more technological production model based on its own R&D and better vocational training. In this context Social Economy seeks, while respecting its values, to strengthen the Andalusian socio-economic fabric to promote entrepreneurship and generate employmet in competitive and sustainable sectors and encourage a new economic model based in an efficient and competitive management and social responsibility with particular emphasis on small and medium sized enterprises.
Likewise, in recent years Innoves kept working on increasing Social Economy enterprises competitiviness by encouraging innovative culture through projects and synergies at international level. This is evidenced by Innoves Foundation involvement in different multilateral projects as e-Conectados Project, the internationalization for innovative enterprises Project, the i-Eye Project, as well for the commercial mission in Costa Rica or our arrangement with CODECYT from Venezuela, among others.

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