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D. Antonio Romero Moreno


Cooperative member with more than 30 years of experience in the social-sanitary and textile sectors. He was Chairman of CEPES-A for 18 years, consolidating Social Economy as a social agent recognised by government. Ex-officio member and Chairman of the Foundation since its creation.


D. Antonio Rivero López


PhD in Economics and experienced cooperative member with ample professional career in advisory support to businesses and organizations. He is currently President of FAECTA, the largest Spanish Work Cooperative Federation. He is currently the Foundation’s Vice-president.


Dña. Mª del Mar García Torres


Psychology graduate, cooperative member, Consulting Clinical Psychology Expert and Direction and Management of Social-sanitary Centres Expert. Great teaching and team leadership experience. Head of Vidamar S.C.A. of Social Interest. Current president of the Social-sanitary sector and Faecta’s vice-president.


D. Manuel Mariscal Sigüenza

Board Member

Graduated in Labour Relations and cooperative member, he developed his career in business consulting for small and medium-sized companys in rural areas. President of FAECTA for threee terms and current president of CICOPA, first vice-president of COCETA and vice-president of CECOP. Ex-officio member of the Foundation since its creation.


D. José María Algora Jiménez

Board Member

Autonomous promoter of FEANSAL, elected Chairman since 1989 and current responsible for the Federation management. President of COFENSAL and promoter of CEPES-A, the presidency of which holds.


Dña. Rosa María Martínez

Board Member

Graduate in Business Management. Self-employed entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in business consulting. Current president of Confederation of Social Economy Self-employed people– CAESA. Vice-president of CEPES-A.

Foundation’s Board

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