Institutional relationships

Innoves Foundation decisively pursue strategic alliances carried out through new collaboration agreements with enabling entities that act in the interest of Social Economy sector.

Some institutions Innoves Foundation has been working regularly with are listed below:

  The European Network of the Foundations for Social Economy
  Technological Corporation of Andalusia
  Andalusian Energy Agency
  Andalusian Cultural Institutions Agency
  Network of Agents of the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge

The European Network of the Foundations for Social Economy

Bruselas, Bélgica
Date of foundation
Asociación internacional sin ánimo de lucro
11 fundaciones
Promotion of economic and social democracy and an active and responsible citizenship supported by principles and practices of Social Economy.
Development of new international synergies to encourage social innovation, active citizenship and youth social entrepreneurship, thanks to:

  Support and promotion of innitiatives and best practices of our members.
  Organization of new international projects.
  Foment and support of social economy innovation.

Since its creation, PEFONDES has conducted numerous projects supported by the European Commission in the field of sociocultural dialogue and the economic and social integration of youth. In 2011 PEFONDES organized its first European Prize "For youth employment in the Social Economy" aimed at encouraging innovative entrepreneurship within Social Economytaken by young people and capable of creating employment for the young.In 2012, PEFONDES held the first Meeting of Europe’s Foundations, Regions and Cities for Social Innovation to facilitate the launch of new transregional and transnational projects in the field of social innovation.Since 2013 PEFONDES has been involved in a project supported by the European Commission aimed at identifying 300 social innovations throughout Europe to help innovators extend its social impact. Furthermore PEFONDES is designing a new euro mediterranean project with the goal of conceiving a methodology to transfer social innovations between countries.

Innoves Foundation holds the Presidency since 2010.


Andalusian Technological Corporation

Innoves is associated to the Andalusian Technological Corporation, making available to Social Economy enterprises its capacity to finance R&D&I projects and consequently strengthen its innovation development as a factor of competitiveness.
ATC facilitates transfer of technology from the university to our companies to optimize available resources promoting joint actions.
It also aims to stimulate and promote collaboration with Technology Agents to generate, develop and transfer technology to encourage presence of Andalusian companies in the National R&D Plan in the European Innovation framework Horizon 2020.
ATC is divided into sectors like Aerospace and Production processes, Agri-food, Biortechnology, Civil Engineering, Energy and Environment, Recreation and tourism and finally IT.
Due to the variety of Social Economy enterprises based in Andalusia, Innoves belongs to all the sectors above-mentioned and participates in round tables of every field.


Andalusian Energy Agency

Innoves Foundation has a solid framework for collaboration with the Andalusian Energy Agency with which we have collaborated in different projects since 2006. It has implemented collaboration agreements for the sole purpose of promoting renewable energies and sustainable development as engine of good business practices and opportunity niche for the Andalusian Social Economy sector.
Betting on clean energies and energy saving seeks to foment a new production model to set ourselves from the competition through more technology and R&D paying particular attention to small and medium-sized enterprises.
One of the most relevant measures along these years was to establish a 100 Energy Experts network among technicians from different federations that make up Andalusia CEPES, besides coordinated measures for the use of Renewable Energies, foment Energy Saving or difussion within the framework of Andalusian Social Economy.
At present Innoves Foundation maintains a close contact with the Andalusian Energy Agency through its involvement in the definition of the Andalusian Energy Strategy 2014-2020 playing an active role in the difussion of the Andalusian Sustainable Construction Programme to encourage business opportunities arising from this assistance to Economy Social Construction Sector.

Andalusian Agency for Cultural Institutions

Innoves Foundation has actively promoted cultural activities supported by different agreements signed by the Andalusian Agency for Cultural Institutions from the Andalusian regional Ministry of Culture, also known as the Andalusian Intitute of Arts and Letters.
Amog the more significant activities or projects developed are the design and implementation of a post-graduate programme on Cultural Industry Management; the creation of a Multimedia Catalogue of Social Economy Cultural Industries; difussion, dynamic modification and promotion of cultural associations; support internationalization of cultural enterprises; approach to new technologies and business models based on cultural creativity; or development of strategic partnerships between companies and associations from different sectors.

Network of Agents of the Andalusian Information System

Innoves Foundation aims to be a main interlocutor betwen Andalusian Social Economy Enterprises and the Network of Agents of the Andalusian Information System (such as Technological Institutions, university research groups, OTRIS, Technology Firms, etc…), in order to transform traditional services and products, applying research findings with high added value through research, development and innovation.
Innoves Foundation is accredited by the Directorate General for Research, Technology and Business from the Andalusian regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Andalusian Government as an Accredited Technology Information Agent, which is also a category of the Network of Agents of the Andalusian Information System .

This network includes Andalusian Universities, Public Research Organizations, Research Institutions, Research Groups, Technology and Industry Parks, Technological Centres and Agents of Technological Accredited Information, among others.

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