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Object of Fundation

Object and Lines for Action of Fundation INNOVES:

Business development

Objective: “Promote innovation and cooperation as key elements for the development of Social Economy entreprises”.

Related lines of action:
  • Support to the best entrepreneurial ideas and innovations. Partnership for innovation between firms.
  • Knowledge and information management.
  • Application of studies (prospective and good practices, requirements,…).
  • Coordination of development assistance and business cooperation politics.
  • Raising awareness and creating synergies for businesses development and cooperation.


Objective: “Spread culture innovation and create a conducive environment to it”.

Related lines of action:
  • Support for innovation.
  • Promote communication and information about R&D&I.
  • Design and spread policies, programs, advisory services, cooperation networks and infrastructures in terms of innovation.
  • Raising awareness and creating synergies for innovation.

Objective: “Foment and support development of projects with an added value based on innovation”.

Related lines of action:
  • Support project launching and investments in innovation.
  • Facilitate access to finance for business innovative initiatives.


Objective: “Develop research, innovation and cooperation as a sign of business consolidation”.

Related lines of action:
  • Promote projects development and innovation and research programs together with representative organisations in Social Economy.
  • Introduction to business projects development (Encourage entrepreneurship).
  • Encouragement for continuous innovation.
  • Business link with universities, technological and research institutions.

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