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President's message

The objective that encourages our work at Innoves Foundation is to provide Social Economy enterprises with formulas which will allow them to compete in a demanding market where innovation, cooperation and internationalization are the fundamental basis of business impact.
From CEPES Andalucía and FAECTA, promoters of Innoves Foundation, arise our goal to offer answers and tools for Andalusian Social Economy enterprises; object and purpose of everything we do at Innoves Foundation.
Among our objectives is to support and assist our clients to assimilate innovation culture, foment transfer of knowledge between research institutions and Social Economy enterprises, lead preparation and development of innovative projects or foster cooperation and partnership mechanisms to achieve greater levels of business consolidation. From its creation in 2006, we have encouraged the strengtheningof Social Economy and improvement of efficiency  in each of our projects through sector dynamization.
To meet this wonderful challenge, we who form the Innoes Foundation, will spare no effort to provide value and utility. Yours sincerely,
Antonio Romero Moreno
President of Innoves Foundation.