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Innoves Foundation’s team and Know How are its greatest assets. This team consist of multidisciplinary workers serving a common goal: Help Social Economy enterprises grow through innovation projects, cooperation and internationalization.
Proximity, professionalism and a high sense of responsability are the social values that characterize each of its members:

  • José Carlos Rodrigo Marías
    Director Fundación Innoves

    Direction of the foundation and development of relations with the board of trustees, social economy organizations and social economy enterprises. Promoter of opportunities and catalyst of businesses.

  • Ismael Medina Claros
    Technical Manager

    Technology consultant and responsible for R&D&I. Early detection of opportuinities for social economy enterprises.

  • Eugenio Hinojosa Cabrera
    Technical Project Manager

    Financing and implementation of projects for Social Innovation. Detection of new areas of work and niche markets for Social Economy.

  • Marta Moreno Olmedo
    Administration Manager

    Innoves Foundation budgetary, accounting and tax control. Economic and financial relationship with public administrations.

  • Antonio Corchero Moreno
    Alert Service Manager

    Manager of the Business Opportunities Alert Service for Social Economy Planning and dialy management as well as client support.

  • Ignacio Tejero Vázquez
    Innoves’s Project Manager

    Management consulting for innovation, cooperation and internationalization projects.

  • Internal control and Social Economy Projects Manager, preparation of proposals, variance analysis, monitoring results, accountability and technical relationships with public administrations.

  • Cintia Zorrilla López
    Marketing Manager

    Creation, coordination and management of marketing strategies for Innoves Foundation and each of its projects.

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