Innoves encourage internationalization of social economy enterprises to support promotion of partnerships between companies to improve their competitiveness and market positioning and foment export. For this purpose it is necessaryto establish direct communication channels with businesses to inform about events, calls for projects, trade missions, fairs, even international competitions, that may foster its foreign presence.
It also promotes collaboration agreements with national and international entities to drive internationalization of social economy enterprises, establishment of a framework for relationships with EAES Foundation to fully benefit from the knowledge, experience, information and activities undertaken in International Business Cooperation Programmes.


Highlight, among social economy values, cooperation, social commitment and solidarity as a formula for achieving our main challenges. Cooperation intends to promote the development of research and innovation programmes colaborating with organizations representing Social Economy, encourage entrepreneurship through the support to business projects increasing business partnerships with universities and research and technological institutions.


Innoves Foundation helps to implement innitiative and creativity as a permanent attitude in Social Economy enterprises and entrepreneurs, encouraging development in new research and innovation projects in partnership with organizations representing Social Economy.
Through determined action and business management innovation (strategic planning, organization, quality and excellence, design, etc.), we support the best entrepreneurial innovative ideas collaborating for innovation between companies and difussing Culture Innovation.
Likewise, facilitating R&D&I information and communication, designing and difussing of programmes, politics, consulting services, cooperation networks and innovation strategies.

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