We work to offer new business opportunities

To keep you updated with the organizations and business opportunities which may arise within your sector is one of the free services offered by Innoves Foundation for Andalusian social economy enterprises.
The “Business Opportunities Alert Service for Social Economy Planning” aims to establish direct communication channels with Andalusian Social Economy Enterprises to regularly inform about business opportunities, events, calls for projects, public tender, auctions, etc., of a local, autonomous, national or international scope. Furthermore, this service allow user enterprises to freely offer their own needs and opportunities.
You only have to register, in a few simple steps, to start receiving business opportunities according to your preferences or areas of interest. Access zone for registered users allows consulting, offers business opportunities and stores a reference log linked to the original website. With the aim of helping social economy enterprises registered, INNOVES offers the piossiblity of obtaining the product specification for any of the business opportunities offered.
The Alert Service currently has over 700 users subscribed, generating more than 32.000 business opportunities since its creation.

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We answer your business questions within 24 hours.

The Virtual Consultancy service offers free information "on demand" on topics of interest for Andalusian Social Economy enterprises like accounting, taxation and labour or legal advice.
A consultant group specializing in social economy answers on-line consultations from users in less than 24 hours. A fast and flexible service thanks to alert mechanisms and a suitable workflow management that provides useful management and control tools.
Accountants, solicitors, companies and institutions from every sector in Andalusia have access to this service, as soon as they are registered, as a second option to solve business doubts.
More than 500 consultations are made every year, being LEGAL and LABOUR sectors the more demanded areas. This service currently has more than 1.000 users.

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Connect and decides without leaving the office

Cooperes is an online platform whose main purpose is to offer virtual communication tools for Social Economy enterprises with identity assurance warranty.
This technological tool integrates video, voice and text to allow all users to hear, see and read each other in real time. This application enables the user to send documents for its virtual reading before or after a virtual meeting and develop certificate models using standard forms using corporate data.
In the case of cooperatives, meetings can be held virtually or in a dual mode (on-site and virtually) using Cooperes, encouraging participation and eliminating time-space barriers. Holding assemblies, maximum decision-maker body in cooperatives, without mandatory physical presence  of its partners with identity assurance through electronic certificates issued by cooperatives.
The mobile application has a VIRTUAL VOTING mode which allows users to create different voting systems with several options to study and diverse vote countings depending on the chosen settings.
With the philosophy of INNOVES, Andalusian Social Economy enterprises will be, upon request, provided with a password and a training manual to make use of the platform.

innoBAS Business Angels

We connect talent and investment with social impact

INNOBAS is a network of private investors promoted by the Foundation for Innovation in Social Economy, INNOVES, born with the objective of encouraging investment and entrepreneurial, mainly in Andalusia. ​

As the first Business Angels Network for Social Economy, its main objective is to promote start-ups in its earliest years or those which set in cooperation projects.
Investment, expertise and contacts are three fundamental pillars on which INNOBAS is built. Foster a business project is more than financial aid, we believe in the value of expertise and business contacts as basis of a strong relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.
¿Are you an entrepreneur, an investor or you want to contribute?  Get to know us

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Other projects

E-marketing Plans for companies in rual areas

We boost your business beyond its physical influence

In its constant search for help and support for Social Economy enterprises, Innoves Foundation has developed a project to boost the marketing department at Andalusian Social Economy businesses in rural areas.
To do this INNOVES has developed an online marketing planwhich will allow beneficiary companies to reach more customers and expand their brands beyond their physical influence.
This project arises from the development of E-comercies project which benefited more than 150 Social Economy enterprises strengthening its presence on Internet and e-commerce at different levels through new websites, virtual shops, Search Engine positioning and social networks, among others.
At Innoves Foundation, work will continue in order to provide Social Economy enterprises with the necessary resources to adapt to the changing times and enter global market through professional guidance.



Mobile applications for Social Economy Enterprises

Mobile technology advances so fast that an increasing number of companies use mobile applications to approach their customers and offer solutions to their stakeholders. Almost 90 per cent of the time we spent online with our tablets or smartphones is channeled through this applications. Therefore, mobile applications play a major role in most of business sectors and fields.
Innoves Foundation aware of this trend keeps encouraging innovation projects to support the inclusion of new information and communication technologies in business management, such as in M-Comercies, a programme that gives 50 mobile applications to Social Economy enterprises.
The main objective of this application is to improve the communication channel to suppliers, employees and customers, retain them, obtain new customers and strengthen business availability. These are just a few benefits from the multiple competitive provided to businesses from cultural, education, agro-food, healthcare and services sectors, among others.
M-Comercies project speciafically works in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS with a simple an intuitive tool which allows each enterprise to customize it to their own needs, selecting design, menus and main configurations.


We promote the creation of collaborative partnerships.

It is important to highlight, among the Social Economy principles, Cooperation, Social Commitment and Solidarity as a formula to meet our most important challenges

Cooperation is intended to promote projects development and innovation and research programmes together with Social Economy representative organizations, encourage entrepreneurship through support to business projects and increase the link between businesses, universities and research institutios.

European Projects

BENISI Project (Building a European Network of Incubators for Social Innovation)

We replicate successful social innovation throughout Europe.

This project, implemented within the framework of The European Network of the Foundations for Social Economy, is designed to detect SOCIAL INNOVATION sources replicable throughout Europe. BENISI specifically aims to set up an european business incubators network for social innovation, identifying at least 300 social innovations with high potential for success and scalability, guaranteeing service supports by business incubators.
Networks structured in a collaborative way are more able to spread knowledge and horizontal practice, being the perfect ally to develop an European project that seeks to balance local action, strategy and an European vision.
INNOVES Foundation is a member of the INNOVATION hub for Social Economy as well as ambassador for social innovation in Spain as a SIAN member.
INNOVES Foundation has already set some Andalusian Social Economy enterprises as replicable examples for Social Innovation in Europe. The European consortium has taken a keen interest in social innovation experiences of INNOVES Foundation in order to stregthen Social Economy in Europe as a cornerstone of successful innovation models.
This project will maximize more than 300 successful, reliables and scalable experiences of social innovation across Europe until 2016.
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EYE-i Project

Contributing to combat youth unemployment in Europe

INNOVES Foundation has joined an initiative covered by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Unionwith other partners from United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Cyprus. As a result of this partnership the “EYE-i Project” arose to combat youth unemployment in Europe through opportunities offered by Social Economy enterprises.
The European Youth Enterprise Initiative (EYE-i Project) seeks proposals to solve the problem of youth unemployment, which have reached historical highs in Europe  during the last five years, giving young people a voice to participate and provide innovative solutions.
The basic goals of the project: 

A) Identify the most relevant competencies and training needs required by young people to successfully establish social economy businesses.
B) Develop an information and guidance manual for Vocational Training students and workers, giving them a better access to the labour market through new working environments.
C) Exchange good practices to develop youth employment and provide key conditions to social organizations for sustainable entrepreneurship.

This lays the basis to prepare a guide that offers employment agents from participant countries the key to support the Social Economy option and fight, as much as possible, against high rates of youth unemployment.


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